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Moddys assorted chocolate collection- 1 Kg, 3 month Subscription

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Choose Any type of Assorted collection listed below, as a Moddylicious Member you will receive chocolates for 3 months with a 10% discount, of the chocolate you choose.  
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Moddys assorted chocolate collection- 1 Kg, 3 month Subscription
Roasted Almond - Rs. 5,400.00
  • Roasted Almond - Rs. 5,400.00
  • Dark Roasted Almond - Rs. 5,400.00
  • Fruit and Nut - Rs. 5,400.00
  • Whole Cashewnut - Rs. 5,400.00
  • Butter scotch - Rs. 5,400.00
  • Chocolate truffle - Rs. 5,400.00
  • Intense Orange - Rs. 5,400.00
  • Coffee cream truffle - Rs. 5,400.00
  • Mint - Rs. 5,400.00
  • Fig-n-Honey - Rs. 5,400.00
  • Strawberry BonBon - Rs. 5,400.00
  • Raspberry BonBon - Rs. 5,400.00
  • Blueberry BonBon - Rs. 5,400.00
  • Chocolate fudge - Rs. 5,400.00
  • Double Chocolate fudge - Rs. 5,400.00
  • Almond fudge - Rs. 5,400.00
  • Nutty Caramel - Rs. 5,400.00
  • Black forest Truffle - Rs. 5,400.00

Moddys assorted chocolate collection- 1 Kg, 3 month Subscription


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Note: During transit / shipment there is a chance of temperature mismatch due to which there might be a colour variation. If there is any colour variation, it is only due to temperature variation and does not indicate that the product is spoilt.
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We will either reship or replace the item with equal or greater value. After confirmation, a replacement or exchange will be shipped within 5 days. Moddy's Confectionery reserves the right to limit replacements.

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