Moddy's chocolates available exclusively at Modern Stores, Ooty   and   Coonoor


    You are invited to the most sensational and unique Chocolates, Ice Creams  and Patisseries shop in India. Launched on 10th of July 2021,  It is located at the Garden Road adjacent to Modern Stores Ooty and near the Botanical gardens. The Moddys –Ooty is a ‘must visit’ place. 

It has a unique collection of Chocolates, Premium Ice creams, Hot Chocolates, Cakes, Patisseries, Indian snacks, range of Teas, Coffee, and much more. It could zap you. It is difficult to cover all the products in one visit. There is a wonderful sit-out at the entrance for enjoying the Hot Chocolate and snacks  where you can enjoy the outer street environment. For those who want to relax and enjoy a range of eats with other special items, they can proceed to the Moddys Cafe upstairs.





The Moddys Chocolate and goodies store is a Dream of the Family team of Mrs. Radha, Mr. Muralidharan Rao and Swathi Rao. They have worked hard over the years and converted this dream into reality. The concept store is liked by all visitors and there are constant requests to reach to other places too with similar stores. Apart from Ooty new stores have been established at Coonoor and Kotagiri too.






The Moddys Hot chocolate is a special dream offering. It has a unique recipe created by the Moddys team. Available in flavours like Classic, Hazelnut, Mint, Mocha etc., the Moddys Hot chocolate counter is always busy.  Beware, once tasted, it can become addictive and you will keep going for more. Fortunately it is a very healthy drink made of milk, fresh cream, chocolate and flavouring.

A visit to Nilgiris will definitely not be complete without having a cup of Hot Chocolate at Moddys. Now you can also ask for the Hot Chocolate Pudding, Chocolate Bomb and the newly introduced Fresh Strawberry with Chocolate. 





Shopping at the Moddys Chocolate counter is an out of the world experience. It is the exclusive counter for the sale of Moddys chocolates and fudges made fresh and presented very attractively. At any time you can find more than 60 varieties of chocolates and 20 varieties of fudges out of more than 230 varieties of products available.  The range includes Chocolate varieties like  Plain ,Milk, Dark, in different percentages, White  Chocolates, Truffles, Bonbons, Giandujas, Nuts varieties, Clusters, ,Squares, Sugarfree varieties, and many others,.





There are also a range of packed chocolates, which are ideal for taking home or gifting. Look for the Moddys range of Bars in 100gms and 50 gms., Assorted truffles, Assorted Nuts  Dragee/Nuttties  varieties, Clusters, Squares, Drinking Chocolate powder, Cocoa powder, Dip & Sip, Assorted chocolates, Jelly, Combo Gift Packs and many other Packed varieties.

Moddys makes only Couverture Chocolates which are chocolates made of pure cocoa butter unlike the others who use refined oil. The Moddys chocolate counter is a favourite among the locals, school children and tourists. The Chocolates and Fudges are made in international recipes and using the highest quality ingredients. All the products are 100 % vegetarian.



Only Special Gelato Ice Creams are made and served at Moddys, Ooty.   They are made and served fresh. It contains only healthy ingredients like Milk, Fresh Cream, milk powder, flavouring items, fruit purees etc.  It is free of any preservatives and chemicals. There are more than 45 varieties. Some of the most popular varieties are French Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate, Caramel, Cookie & Cream, Canadian Blueberry, Ferrero Rocher, Brownie, Chocolate, Mocha, Quella Crunch, Yogurt varieties, Kinder joy, Red Velvet, Cheese Cake varieties, Pistachio  Gianduja, Ginger Lemon, Butterscotch, Sapota, Tender Coconut, Jackfruit and many more.

New flavours are being introduced regularly. Try it and rest assured that it is healthy without any artificial additives or preservatives and you will love it. The ice creams are served in scoops and available in takeaway containers.



The range of Bakery items are mind boggling. Starting with regular takeaway Pastries of numerous varieties, there are Cream cakes, Designer cakes, Special Birthday cakes including Photoprint cakes, Dry cakes, Pastries, Brownies, Japonaise  cakes, Apple pies, Tarts, Rolls, Danish,  Desserts, Mousse, Spreads etc. Further, there is the range of Doughnuts, Croissants, Korean buns, stuffed buns, burgers, sandwiches, Mini Pizzas.  Special Moddys bottled spreads of Almond, Hazelnut and Pista are kept here. All are vegetarian.




 The Moddy’s confectionery products like, Range of Breads, Speciality Breads like Farmers bread, Garlic bread, Mixed grain, Whole wheat bread, Sweet bread, Fruit breads, Sourdough breads,  Focaccia bread, Cheese bread,  Brown Farmers bread, Corn bread, White farmers bread, Multigrain bread, Sunflower seed bread, Range of Baguettes, Pita bread, Buns  like regular, Pav, mini, etc., 

Takeaway Cakes, Cookies, Fingers, Marshmallow, Popcorns are displayed and made available as pick and choose. There is a wide range of items and more are being added regularly. Special Ooty Varkeys are also available here in three varieties.



Kruthi Snacks is the new venture of the Moddys House. A wide range of yummy and tasty snacks made meticulously with the original taste of Udupi in Karnataka is now available.

They are all crunchy, spicy and have a unique taste. Some of the snacks which have become very popular are the Kruthi Udupi Mixture, Nippatu, Maddur Vada, Ribbon Murukku, Spicy Murukku, Butter Murukku,  Boondhi, Coated Peanuts, Masala Peanuts. Thatte Vada etc.  The range is expanding every day. 



 We warmly welcome you to Moddys at Ooty and request you to treat yourself to all the goodies made with care to make everyone happy and healthy. 







Tamilnadu, India.

Phone : +91 0(423) 2442678

Mob :  98436 99995,    98940 42678,  

Online Store :  www.


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