Moddy's chocolates available exclusively at Modern Stores, Ooty   and   Coonoor


If one is planning a short visit to Ooty or thinking of chilling out at Ooty for some time, then a visit to Moddys Ooty is a must do in your schedule.  Moddys is also the  ‘Go to’  place for many of the people living in Ooty. 

Moddys Ooty has been created with a lot of care and commitment to provide the best range of chocolate and confectionery products to its customers. The  single guiding principle was to provide a wide choice of unique goodies in a very cozy ambience which will make the visit a memorable experience and will create an enthusiasm to keep coming for more.

The Moddys Ooty is located centrally at Garden Road very close to the Botanical Gardens. There is minimum Parking available and substantial paid parking nearby. The main store is a very spacious hall with a very tastefully designed interior.  There is another similar Moddys store at Upper Coonoor at Bedford, Upper Coonoor

On entry you can see an attractive display of a wide range of extremely tasty and tempting items like Couverture  Premium Ooty Chocolates, Fudges, Patisseries’, Ice Creams, Hot chocolates, South Indian snack items, cakes and many more. There are more than 300 variety of items on display at any time. The products are arranged in very hygienic and brightly lit coolers. They are all 100% vegetarian. Snack items are warmed and served across the counter and there is a cosy sit out to enjoy the products.

The Products on display include varieties of Chocolate truffles, Bonbons, nuts etc. This is followed by unique bakery items like sandwiches, Buns, Pastries, Tarts,  Croissants,  Japanoise,  Brownies,  Puffs,  Pizzas, Samosa,  cutlets, Cupcakes, Muffins, Vada Pavs,  Donuts, Cheese cakes, Bottle Deserts, and many more. This is followed by the glorious Gelato Ice Creams in many interesting flavours. The ice creams are made of natural ingredients and without any preservatives. There are some very unique flavours which can get you addicted. Every scoop will make you to go for more. The beautiful array of Display cakes comes next.  The ultimate offering is the Hot Chocolate in three flavours of Classic, Hazelnut and mint. 

Apart from these, there are a range of Packed Chocolates, Fudges, and Bakery products available as takeaways and gifting solutions. The items are packed carefully to withstand transportation. 

The House of Moddys has taken maximum effort to create a very luxurious and interesting ambience so as to make the visit a very memorable experience which you will always want to repeat. The same facility is available at Moddys Ooty and Coonoor.

The Moddys Cafe is another cosy place which is created above the Moddys Ooty  Store. It has a very comfortable seating with a carefully planned interior. It is the ideal place to unwind or have a tete-a-tete with friends and family. Try a  Hot Chocolate  with Churos followed by a Pizza and finish off with a Thickshake.

If you are in Ooty or planning to visit please make sure that you plan a sojourn to Moddys Ooty or Coonoor.  We assure you that you will carry pleasant memories and will have something to talk about for a long time. The range of products can be previewed at our online store if you need to order anywhere in India.

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