Moddy's chocolates available exclusively at Modern Stores, Ooty   and   Coonoor



Modern stores has evolved over the years. Expectations have become high. The limited space at the store in Ooty and the bulging crowds have always been a constraint in giving the best service at all times. Further, there is a need to reach out and create more facilities for the valued and regular customers. But the tradition at Moddy’s has always been to maintain the heritage of the Nilgiris and the same Feel Good Factor for its customers.

 After a long search, a building which was part of the Heritage of Coonoor and located in one of the best places was identified. With careful planning and serious efforts the Vintage building was renovated systematically and the New Modern Stores Coonoor was born on the 1st of September 2019.


The Modern Store in Coonoor was planned to be a Model store of Modern Stores. The retail store was carefully planned to provide a lot of moving space with high British style roofs. The products are systematically arranged in a planned manner in modern modular shelves. Most of the items available in Ooty Modern stores is made available here too. Perishables including fruits and vegetables are arranged in good coolers. More items dedicated to the Coonoor local customers have been arranged. A very efficient supply chain has been established to ensure that all products are in stock or can be arranged promptly.

In addition, an exclusive Moddy’s Chocolate, Confectionery and Ice-cream counter has been created with good space and display. The popular Cafe and Coffee shop of Moddy’s has been carefully designed outside with sufficient space for a tete-te-tete with hot chocolate, filter coffee and snacks.


Modern Store Coonoor has become an instant favorite from Day One. The location, careful renovation, care for comfort and replication of the convenience at the Ooty store has struck the right chord with the people of Coonoor and the tourists there.


The Moddy’s confectionery products like Breads, Cakes, Cookies, Marshmallow, Popcorns are displayed and made available at a prominent place in Modern Store. There is a wide range of items and more are being added regularly. The full range of Ice Creams are offered in scoops and in take aways. The speciality breads and Sourdough breads are the highlight here.


Moddy’s Chocolates counter and the cafe located outside is the ultimate dream of Moddy’s. It has a planned Chocolate counter with a large space to display the wide range of Moddy’s chocolates and fudges in the latest display coolers. Fresh cakes, Cheesecakes and other delicacies are presented in another counter. Along with this, Gelato Ice cream counter is given the pride of place.  The complete variety of chocolate products of Moddy’s  is offered in loose from the cooled counters and in attractive packs on the shelves.

The whole facility is air-conditioned and provides a comfortable and attractive ambience to enjoy the treats. In addition there is the special range of Sourdough breads and other specialty breads. Takeaway ice cream packs are also available.

The ultimate attraction of the Store is the Cafe located outside in an open verandah. This place is an instant favourite of the people of Coonoor.  Be it the Hot chocolate or the Filter Coffee or the fresh spicy and tasty snacks available there, the people of Coonoor have made it a  habit to visit the Moddy’s Cafe frequently if not daily.


The availability of the complete range of home needs and yummy treats for every member of the family of all age groups, has made Modern Stores Coonoor a Must Visit for all. It has also become the best place for the tourists looking for Nilgiri products, provisions, and the best chocolates and confectionery in town. The location of Modern Stores at Bedford, Upper Coonoor and the convenient parking available makes it the Ideal stopover at Coonoor.


Inaugurated in September 2019, the  Coonoor Modern Stores has become a Talk-of-the-Town within a short time. It is where you get a very wide range of products in one place like in the main Store at Ooty. The Chocolate range, confectionery, Ice Creams and Cafe have become regular meeting points of discussion and a meeting point. It is a matter of honour that our store is very much liked and patronized by our dear leaders and the soldiers of the Indian Army from Wellington Cantonment.


The Modern Stores Coonoor can be defined as the Future Moddy’s. It is planned and designed to provide the best experience to the customers and the widest range of essential products and goodies. It is the Future Moddy’s and there are many more to come.



Regd. Office:
12&13, Sriram Building,Church Road,
Coonoor - 643 101.
Tamilnadu, India.

Phone : +91 0(423) 223 5678

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