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The Modern store was founded on December 15th 1951 by Mr Janardhan Rao in Ooty, Tamilnadu. Modern store sold exclusive food items and condiments and with the help of a few cooks who worked for the erstwhile British, Mr Janardhan Rao started making and selling homemade chocolates. Thus Moddys chocolates was firmly established, Family owned and based in Ooty, Tamilnadu, Moddys chocolates has over 62 years of experience and prides itself on being one of best Indian company that manufactures homemade chocolates. The most modern machinery, dedicated employees and the finest ingredients allow Moddys chocolates to consistently deliver the perfect balance of flavour, texture and colour. From the day he started the business his only motto was sell quality chocolates to his valuable customers.

Modern Stores is a favourite stop amongst the locals of Ooty, School children and Tourists. Modern Stores expanded from a small shop on the busy Commercial road to the current super store on Garden road boasting of more than 5000 square feet which stocks almost everything in one roof. Moddy's chocolates are not far behind with its spanking production unit and boasting of more than 100 varieties of chocolates (commonly known as ooty chocolates)..

With the dawn of the new millenium modern stores started expanding the Moddy's chocolates production .Mr Muralidhar Rao the enterprising son of Mr Janardhan Rao came up with innovative ways for marketing these finely handcrafted chocolates throughout the country. The main reasons why people all over India and abroad love these chocolates are the quality of the raw materials used and the freshness of the products. We at Moddy's take at most care to bring out the best homemade chocolates from ooty..

The vision of Mr Janardhan Rao is that “Moddy’s Chocolates should be Ooty's pride" infact with the hard work and dedication of Mr Janardhan Rao the store is rated as one of the best in the country. The mission of Moddy's Chocolates is to use only the finest, highest quality ingredients and place ooty chocolates on the world map. Moddy's Chocolates goal is to build the Company into the premier retail chocolate manufacturer in India. Complete redesigning of stores, product packaging, and use of latest information technology resources will enhance the company’s profitability as well as market position..

Moddy's chocolates have been a major player in the corporate gifts segments. We supply to major multi national companies, banks, large retailers, jewellers and conduct regular corporate events in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune. Moddy's has been a favorite name for festival gifting all over India. We at Moddy's specialize in customising chocolates for all special occasions like Weddings birthdays. We at Moddy's have done special wedding packs for customers in Sydney and Singapore and shipped the chocolates successfully. Over 62 years of experience in chocolates has given us lakhs of customers throughout the country and to satisfy all the customers in the country Moddy's has started opening stores throughout the country by the way of Own flagship stores called "Moddy's" and also opening Franchisee stores throughout the country. Now with the online store we are planning to become an household name in the chocolate market of the country.By the Year 2015 we will be present in all the major cities of the country..